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What Ofsted say about our Academy

 "This is a good school"

An Ofsted Best Practice Case Study Published September 2012 Stated:

"It is evident from the start of the day that the atmosphere in this school is unusual. The tutor period starts right on time at 8.30am; students in the music room have come in early to be ready with their instruments so they don’t lose a minute of their ‘Big Band’ practice time and two Year 11 students have come into school to join in, even though GCSE examinations are over. One says it’s because ‘I like to start my day with this’ and ‘it gives me energy and the younger ones need my help’. Elsewhere, others are in their kit ready for a game of football. In the dance studio, another group are already practising. Students say that this innovative approach means that ‘we all belong – everyone has a place and no-one is left out’."

The following comments were as a result of our 2012 inspection: 
"We were very impressed by the happy, positive atmosphere in the college, where
everyone is treated as an individual and it is ‘okay to be different’. Your behaviour
is excellent, both in lessons and around the college. You told us you feel safe,
listened to and well cared for and that the staff are there to help if you need

"You like the way teachers organise very active lessons with lots of
discussion and group work."

"The curriculum is outstanding and you told us you enjoy the ‘short, fat courses’ at
GCSE, performing arts, and the opportunities to learn different things on ‘Wicked
Wednesday’ and in tutorial sessions."

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