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Admissions to the Academy are coordinated by Plymouth City Council. Parents can apply for up to 3 secondary schools for a place for their child, and rank them in order of preference (please refer to Plymouth City Council’s ‘The Next Step Parents Guide’ for further details).

The Next Step Parent's Guide


Consultation on admission arrangements 2021/2022

We will be consulting on our admission arrangements for 2021/2022 through Plymouth City Council. The consultation will be live between 9th December 2019 and 19th January 2020. If you wish to find out about our policy or make any comment, please visit www.plymouth.gov.uk/admissionconsultation.

Please see the documents below for your reference:

Consultation Timetable

Lipson Co-operative Academy Admission Arrangements 2021/2022


If you wish to find out about our policy or make comment, please visit www.plymouth.gov.uk/admissionconsultation


Further detailed information relating to our admissions policy can be found in the linked documents below. 

Admissions 2018/19

Admissions 2019/20

Admissions 2020/21


Sixth Form Admission Application Forms

Sixth Form Application Form