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Helen Morris

Helen Morris Co-opted Appointed 18/12/2018
How are you connected with the Academy?  I became involved at Lipson after I visited as a prospective parent in Summer 2018. I was incredibly impressed by both the extremely high standard of work that the students were producing and also the obvious dedication and passion of staff during my visit.
How does you current or previous occupation support your work as a governor. I am a Lawyer at Plymouth City Council with some general knowledge of education law and regulatory and constitutional issues.
Please provide some information on what drives you to be a governor at Lipson. I was appointed as a Co-opted Governor in January 2019. I have lived mainly in Plymouth for around 20 years and was very keen to become involved with the school following a visit with my daughter. I was so enthused by the school that I wanted to see if there was a way that I could help to make it the very best school that it can possibly be and do what I can to help it prosper. I believe I have a broad set of skills that are transferable to add value to Lipson. Away from work I like to spend time outdoors with my family.
Are you a member of any professional body which may support your role as a governor? The Law Society of England and Wales.