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Individuals have certain rights under the Data

Protection Act

  • to apply for a copy of your personal data - for further information on how to make a subject access request
  • a limited right to tell the data controller to stop processing information about you if it is causing you unwarranted and substantial damage or distress
  • to send a notice to the data controller requiring them to stop or not to begin processing your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing
  • if you believe your personal data is inaccurate, to notify the data controller telling them what you believe is wrong with your information and what should be done to correct it
  • a limited right to prevent significant decisions being taken about you solely by automatic processing. This affects only those decisions made by a computer where there is no human involvement in the decision. It could include, for example, a decision about your performance at work. You also have the right to be told, as soon as reasonably possible, when this type of decision has been made about you
  • to ask the Information Commissioner to assess whether your personal data has been processed lawfully and/or to claim compensation from the data controller for damage or distress caused by misuse of your personal data by the data controller
  • a data controller is not always obliged to observe all your rights. This is because different exemptions may apply in certain circumstances