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Kevin Bishop

Kevin Bishop Parent Governor Appointed 12/07/2017
How are you connected with the Academy?  My connection dates back to September 2015 when my daughter joined Lipson. This then gave me an insight into how the school worked.
How does you current or previous occupation support your work as a governor. I work for the NHS and have a broad range of knowledge and skills that I can use to help the school with it's future plans.
Are there any school visits which have helped you to understand elements of the operational areas of the academy? If so, how have these visits supported you to lead future strategic development? I have toured the school and talked with pupils and staff to get an understanding as to how the school works on a day to day basis. I have also met with the senior leadership team member who is responsible for Pupil Premium to get an understanding of how the school spends this money.
Please provide some information on what drives you to be a governor at Lipson. I was very keen to be involved to help the school provide the best opportunities and experiences for all pupils. My role is to be able to represent the views of parents and pupils.