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Learning Resource Centre

The LRC is a bright and welcoming area situated on the first floor between Science and Food Technology.

Newly built in 2021, it can accommodate whole classes and one to one intervention alongside students studying independently. With lots of comfy seating for reading it’s also a great place to visit during social times.

It houses 8000 fiction and non-fiction books covering curriculum and recreational needs, various journals, careers information, magazines, a staff development library and a selection of chromebooks for internal and external use.

The LRC also provides online access to a variety of resources including over 2500 fiction e books, non-fiction e books for sixth form study, subscriptions to subject specific journal archives plus access to articles covering social issues of the day.

Open from 8am until 4pm daily including every break and lunchtime, the LRC is full of things to do; you can read, play cards, Uno, chess, draughts or perhaps undertake some research or homework. Every Friday lunchtime we offer a mindful half hour when students can read silently, use the colouring in books to encourage calming, quietness and peaceful research. A great way to unwind.

iStudy, our homework club is based in the LRC every day after school until 4pm, 3.30pm on Fridays. Sixth form students are employed as iStudy Tutors and are there to help, encourage and support the learning of their younger peers. They also work every break and lunchtime.

It is also the base for our stationery shop which provides items such as pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, erasers, pencil cases, exercise books, etc, etc at very competitive prices.


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