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At Lipson we are proud to invest in new technology to provide a greater level of access to resources than ever before. Our students and staff have worked collaboratively to grow our technology provision so that it serves real purposeful learning and inspires everyone to achieve more.

The development of learning technology is driven through our ongoing subject learning technology reviews. These reviews help to develop our wider road map which in turn is focused on the targets of the whole academy improvement plan. Our staff feel supported in piloting new initiatives that show potential promise in supporting and promoting opportunities for our students. Continued feedback ensures that trial and error always leads to us improving the service we deliver to our school community. 

Through the use of new technology, we have seen an increase in sharing and collaboration of ideas which lead to a better understanding of a subject. Students and staff are now publishing their learning to the world and this has significant impact on improving confidence and enjoyment.

This ability to publish to a global audience has been an inspiration enabling us to be effective in delivering the flipped classroom. This approach gives our students the opportunity to review the main concepts of a lesson prior to any teacher contact. The development of videos which focus on specific outcomes have provided our students with a new platform to engage with and develop questions in order to inspire deeper learning.

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