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Chandlers Guild is devoted to investing in exceptional young leaders in the field of Sport.  We encourage an ethos of participation this pathway allows our students to participate and represent the school.  There is a great sense of solidarity within the Guild providing the greatest opportunities for our students by equipping them with the leadership and collaboration qualities that are essential for success at University and in the world of work.

Within a sporting tutor group engagement is encouraged in the processes needed for living healthy and active lifestyles throughout their school lives and in the future.  Students participate in a wide range of physical enrichment activities, elite sports coaching, and leadership and sports ambassadors programs. We prioritise opportunities for students to compete, and represent the school, compete at club level and in regional competitions.

The cooperative values are naturally built into the tutoring system of the Guild. With open dialogue and learning conversations, students understand the importance of implementing the values into everyday life. Chandler’s tutors provide academic advice and support, promote high expectations and passion about participation within the Lipson family and the world around them.