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Ofsted Best Practice Case Study - Lipson 

Care and guidance are two prominent principles that are alive and real everywhere around the school. We simply ‘know every student’s story’. The Academy team of Personal Tutors are highly trained and led by very effective pastoral leaders.

Each of the five guilds has its own unique identity but all share the commonality of the co-operative values and a family ethos. Every student has a tutor base within one of the specialist guilds. Each tutor consists of less than 20 students and the vertical nature of these groups, underpinned by the specialism of each guild, means positive relationships flourish. This enables students to have both the self-confidence and motivation to be successful across their seven year Lipson journey.

A student starts their day in their guild area with their Personal Tutor.

The five guilds are:

Chandlers Guild - Sport and Health

Surfers Guild - Mathematics, ICT and Technology

Mariners Guild -  English, Communication and Modern Foreign Language

Merchants Guild - Science & Ethics and Humanities

Players Guild - Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Creative Media Arts