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Mariners Guild aims to develop students’ interest and skills of ‘Language and Communication’ through the exploration of different aspects of the written and spoken word.

Mariners tutors are English or Modern Foreign Language teachers with a real passion for their subject and there are a wide range of groups available which allow for the pursuit of an area of particular interest. Every tutor group has a specific focus underpinned by the refining and development of language skills. This holistic approach to using language and communication can be evidenced through the variety of foci implemented by the different tutor groups. These include: newspaper Journalism, where students make full use of cutting edge technology to create blogs, articles for the newsletters, production reviews and match reports; Drama with a focus on ‘from page to stage’ where students are able to study a text and then bring it to life; exploring and teaching communication skills such as British Sign Language and Makaton alongside recording audio books for GCSE revision.

In addition, there are French and Spanish tutor groups where opportunities are afforded to develop fluency in the target language as well as finding out more about the culture of the country. This experience is enhanced by the ‘Co-operative School’ links that we are currently forging with other secondary schools in France and Spain.