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Merchants Guild is devoted to investigating and developing students’ interests in the sciences and Humanities during tutorial sessions. All guild tutors are specialist  teachers from across the various scientific and Humanities disciplines. We have two specialist KIPP (Knowledge is Power Programme) tutor groups who start ten minutes earlier each morning in order to allow students to take part in more extended project work.

Within the humanities faculty (Geography, History and Religious studies) Students can enhance their knowledge of the subjects, working with specialist tutors, as well as being able to participate in a worthwhile team that prepares them for the world of work.


We are very proud, in Merchants, of our sense of family and we like to celebrate each other’s achievements and successes through the medium of guild assemblies and presentations to other tutor groups. We are also justifiably proud to see a number of our 6th form students leave us each year advancing their careers in the sciences by undertaking various degree courses including Forensic Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in addition to degrees in History, Geography and Education. Older students typify the Merchants’ attitude of ‘exemple ducemus’ (by example we lead) passing their knowledge and experience down to the younger students and strengthening the sense of family by acting as mentors and advocates when necessary.