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Religious Studies

Lipson Cooperative Academy is faith neutral school. The aim of Religious Studies is to ensure that students become religiously literate.

Mrs Amanda Gilbert - Head of Religious Studies

Years 7 & 8

Philosophical Questions such as How Did the World Start? Is there Life After Death? What is Religion? What is a non-Religious approach to life?

Year 9, 10 & 11

Exam Board: Eduqas
Year 9 Eduqas Route A
A Study of Christianity and Islam, Theme 2:Issues of Life and Death
Year 10 Eduqas Route A
Theme 3:Issues of Good and Evil Theme 4:Issues of Human Rights


Year 11 Eduqas Route A
Theme 1:Issues of Relationships  


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Useful books or resources that will support students in their study of the course(s)

WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies: Amazon.co.uk: Joy White, Chris Owens, Ed Pawson, Amanda Ridley: 9781471866340: Books 

Years 12 & 13

Exam Board: Pearson


Students at A Level follow the Pearson specification.


Overview of course -


Component 1:    Philosophy

Philosophical issues and questions; Philosophical issues and questions; The nature and influence of religious experience; Problems of evil and suffering; Philosophical language; Works of scholars; Influences of developments in religious belief.


Component 2: New Testament Studies;

Social, historical and religious context of the New Testament;

Person of Jesus; Scientific and historical-critical challenges, ethical living and the works of scholars.


Component 3: This component offers the choice of the study of one religion from a choice of six (one of which will be Islam).

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Useful books or resources that will support students in their study of the course(s)

A LEVEL AUTHOR(S): Richard Gray, Karl Lawson  A Level Year 1 & AS ISBN: 978-1-908682-99-4
AUTHOR(S): Richard Gray LEVEL: A Level Year 1 & AS ISBN: 978-1-908682-98-7