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Surfers Guild is an innovative and stimulating Guild aiming to build on and develop student’s passion and interest with specialist tutors in Mathematics, ICT, Food Technology and Technology, who all have an enthusiasm and a dedication to their particular chosen area.  The Co-operative principles and values are implemented in our tutor groups; students feel a sense of worth, security, and are treated as an individual as well as valued for their contribution to our school community. 

There are currently eight mathematic tutor groups, two being Mathematics KIPP (knowledge is power programme) tutor groups.  The students who belong to these tutor groups begin their school day at 8.30am, enjoying a breakfast to start, then sharing their interest by taking part in Mathematic challenges such as: school competitions; Mathematical enrichment activities; extending their own knowledge and developing their Maths skills.

As well as the Maths tutors there are four ICT tutor groups, where students each enjoy the opportunity to develop their own websites and also learn how to programme. The ‘Apps for Good’ project is another exciting opportunity Surfers students have developed. Working co-operatively, students develop a strategic plan and design for a new mobile application - the latest APP.


The catering tutor group is a one of the college’s many Young Co-operative teams. By participating in this young enterprise, students learn and develop opportunities not just within the catering side of running a business but are able to develop skills from a commercial aspect including the concept of fair trade suppliers.