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Welcome to Lipson.

I am proud to be the headteacher of a school that puts itself at the very heart of our community. My vision for the school is not complicated, it can be summed up in three words.

  • People
  • Quality
  • Achievement

We believe in valuing our people and putting them first. This starts with our students whose best interests shape every decision we make but we also look after and cherish our amazing staff and welcome the contribution of our parents.

We insist on the highest quality in everything we do. We have extremely high expectations of behaviour and attitudes and will only do things if we can do them to a really high standard. In order to do this we sometimes have to say no to things.

The raising of student achievement is our core purpose, our reason for being. We are preparing our students for their adult life so they need to leave us with the very best set of academic results that they are capable of. But we also see achievement in its widest sense which is why we put so much emphasis on areas such as sport, music, the performing arts as well as trips and visits.

At Lipson we believe that every student is good at something, our job is to find out what it is and enable them to fly. I look forward to meeting many of you in the future as you work with us to support your child to enable them to flourish with us. We want you and them to feel as proud of Lipson as we already are.  

Martin Brook