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Alicia Price - Teacher of Dance

At Lipson Co-operative Academy students have the opportunity to apply and be a part of the LCA Dance Academy. In this dance company we will learn and refine performance skills in different styles of dance and will work towards a dance showcase performance and the annual school production. Last year a group of diligent and enthusiastic Year 7 students learnt and performed a dance piece for a virtual dance competition against other local schools.

As part of the LCA Performing Arts Academy students will have the opportunity to take part in workshops and performances throughout the year. If students would like to be involved in the Performing Arts Academy they will have to complete a short written application and we do ask that they are committed to rehearsals every week.

Key Stage 4

BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance Pathway)

In Year 9 students can choose the dance pathway route for the BTEC Tech qualification. This is a very flexible award and allows students to develop their creative, performance and analytical skills in different styles of dance.

There are three components in the BTEC Tech award. Students will complete component 1 and 2 in Years 9 and 10 then they will progress to the externally assessed unit in Year 11. There is no written examination for the BTEC Tech qualification however there is an externally assessed unit in which they will need to complete three pieces of written analysis along with a group dance performance.


Course Structure

Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts (Internal assessment) 30%

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts (Internal assessment) 30%

Component 3: Responding to a Brief (External assessment) 40%


Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts (30%)

Students will develop their understanding of the performing arts by examining dance practitioners work and the processes used to create performance. They will then have the opportunity to develop this in their practical performance through workshop-based lessons. For example, they might learn key movements and repertoire from a choreographer and then create their own group piece inspired by this style. Students will need to provide a written presentation and analysis/research of the professional performances studied for this component.


Component 2 –Developing Skills and Techniques in Performing Arts (30%)

Students will develop their dance skills and techniques through the reproduction of dance repertoire and movement. They will study at least two different styles of dance, for example contemporary and jazz. Students will be required to rehearse, perform and analyse their own performance. They will also need to reflect and analyse their dance skills and set targets to improve.

Component 3 – Performing to a Brief (40%)

Students will be given the opportunity to work as part of a group to create a workshop performance in response to a given brief and stimulus.

They will be given a scenario by the exam board and required to develop ideas and choreograph a group piece using this scenario. Their performance is filmed and externally examined.

The evidence needed for this component will be:

  1. The group performance
  2. Written ideas log (up to 600 words)
  3. Written skills log (up to 600 words)
  4. Written evaluation (up to 600 words)


What is next after BTEC Performing Arts (Dance)?

  • Further education in AS/A Level Dance or BTEC Level 3 National Certificate/Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) at college which may lead onto a dance or performance degree at university
  • Performing
  • Choreographing
  • Teaching
  • Admin roles within dance/performing companies
  • Dance marketing