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The Music Department

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Meet the Staff

James Trevaskis - Head of Music

Pete Twyman - Teacher of Music, Lead Practitioner

Tracy Ashton - Teacher of Music

Gavin Martin - Teacher of Music

Music at Lipson is a vibrant and exciting department to be in.  During Key Stage 3 students are encouraged to learn a musical instrument and will be able to participate in numerous group performance opportunities.  The department is proud of the rich and varied extra-curricular programme on offer including; The Cooperative Big Band, Choirs, Woodwind Groups, Brass Group and Orchestra as well as an annual musical involving the performing arts.

Our Curriculum Learning Pathway

Years 7 & 8

Key stage 3 Schemes of Learning:

  • The Elements of music
  • Form and Structure
  • Keyboard and Chords
  • Band performances
  • Music Technology – radio adverts
  • Singing project


Years 9, 10 & 11

At Key stage 4 we offer the following courses:

GCSE Music (AQA)

  • Performance – 30% coursework (one solo and one ensemble)
  • Composition – 30% coursework
  • External examination on listening and appraising – 40%

Throughout GCSE Music students will cover film writing techniques, the history of music and all styles and genres of 20th Century music.  Students are expected to play a musical instrument to at least grade 3 standard prior to opting for this course.


BTEC Level 2 (Edexcel)

This course equates to one GCSE level studied over a three year period.   The course is designed for students who wish to purse a more vocational approach to music studies with coursework and one exam.  Students will study fore units over the three years.

  • Unit 3 – Introducing live sound
  • Unit 5 – Introducing Live Performance
  • Unit 2 – Where is the Gig
  • Unit 1 – Exam



Years 12 & 13

A Level Music (Edexcel)

  • Performance – 30% coursework (Total performance time of 8 minutes Performance can be solo and/or ensemble)
  • Composition – 30% coursework (2 compositions 1 free or free choice brief – min 4 min 1 brief assessing technique – min 1 min Together total min of 6 minutes)
  • External examination on listening and appraising – 40% (6 Areas of Study with 3 set works in each • Vocal Music • Instrumental Music • Music for Film • Popular Music and Jazz • Fusions • New Directions)

Throughout A level music students will be encouraged to engage critically and creatively with a wide range of music and musical contexts, develop an understanding of the place of music in different cultures and contexts, and reflect on how music is used in the expression of personal and collective identities.  Students are expected to play a musical instrument to at least grade 5 standard prior to opting for this course.

RSL Music

The internationally recognised RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma for Music Practitioners, aimed at singer-songwriters, vocalists, guitarists, drummers, keyboard and bass players, allows you to focus on music performance, technology and the music industry, giving you a wealth knowledge, professional standards and flexible skills

  • Write and record your own songs using the latest equipment and professional software in our own in-house recording studio
  • Learn about different musical genres and perform them in class and practical settings
  • Perform live in a band each week; learn new songs and perfect your rehearsal techniques
  • Discover how the music industry works and begin to form your own career path for the future
  • Develop your understanding of music theory
  • Perform at a public gig at the end of each term
  • Take an active role in planning, project-managing and performing in the end of course graduation gig