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Headteacher's Blog 11th October 2019

The final draft of our Ofsted report was produced this week, it will go live from the middle of next week so you will be able to read the detail of it then. The headlines are encouraging and the tone of the report is very positive. I am pleased that the Inspectors noted that it is early days for us with many of the things that we are introducing. They acknowledged that massive progress had been made in a very short period of time, particularly in relation to the behaviour and attitudes of our students and the culture that is developing in the school. I have mixed feelings about the timing of the visit. Although I was a little disappointed that our visit took place so early in the year, making it difficult to demonstrate the impact that we are sure many of our new initiatives will have, I am also quite pleased that we can now get on with doing the stuff that really matters, as we try to make further improvements across the board.

The mood in school is still very positive and the students are responding really well to the increased expectations which are being asked of them by staff. We are in the process of visiting several of our feeder Primary Schools to talk about what we are doing and have been given a very warm welcome by staff and parents. It is always a pleasure to be able to talk about what we are doing and particularly pleasing that alongside the new initiatives we can still talk proudly about some of Lipson's traditional strengths such as the Music, the Drama, the Art, the Sport, the trips and visits and the wider curricular programme that has been such a feature of the school over time. The students here get so many fantastic opportunities, a fact that Ofsted could clearly see and were able to identify in their report.

Next week it will be a pleasure to host our Celebration Evening when so many of our fantastic students will be recognised for their achievements and for the contribution that they make. I am looking forward to celebrating some of the exceptional talent that we have here across such a wide range.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Have a great weekend.

Martin Brook, Headteacher