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Headteacher's Blog 12th March 2021

It is nice to be able to start my blog this week with more thank-yous than I know what to do with. Despite the masks, the one-way systems, the staggered start times and finishes and a whole load of other stuff it has been so nice this week to see us operating in some form of normality. It has been amazing to have all the students and staff back in school and what has struck me above all else is just what a happy place Lipson is becoming. I have lost count of the number of students and staff who have stopped for a chat and told me that they are just pleased to be back. So, who to thank first?

I will start as I usually do with our fabulous students. Their approach to coming back into school this week has been fantastic and it has been great to see how quickly they have got back into the routine. When I have walked into classrooms this week I have seen them engaging with and clearly enjoying their learning again and despite the time missed, I am confident that we will get them all back on track very quickly. I don't really buy into the over emphasis coming from the powers that be on 'catching up' and 'filling the gaps'. We prefer to concentrate on the quality of our teaching and I am confident that if this is done well and continues to improve as it is doing, the rest will take care of itself. I strongly believe that our students need to feel loved, valued and listened to and if we get this climate right they will continue to thrive with us. With this foundation in place we will get them the results and qualifications they need to be successful and we will do what we are here to do which is improve their life chances.

I continue to be humbled by the staff here. They just seem to take whatever is thrown at them and get on with their business of doing everything they possibly can for our students. Their approach this week has been exceptional but it no longer surprises me. I know that many of the staff have actually found it easier teaching with the students in school rather than trying to manage the remote learning but even so they are the reason why we have been able to get things back to something resembling normal as soon as we have.

Finally, I would like to thank our parents. I know that the last few weeks and indeed the last year, has been tough for many of you but your support of the school has been a great strength to us during this time. We need to pay you back for this support and provide you with the great school that I know Lipson will become again. We are already well along the path but we will not rest until everything we do is outstanding.

I hope you are all able to enjoy the weekend when it arrives, please continue to keep yourselves safe and look after your loved ones.

Very best wishes,


Martin Brook, Headteacher