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Headteacher's Blog 25th June 2021

It has felt like quite a week at Lipson. As if the stresses and strains of supporting England in the Euros was not enough we have had another visit from Ofsted this week. The visit will hopefully be the last of a series of monitoring visits which are designed to see if we are still moving in the right direction. Although I am unable to give any detail before the report is finally published, I can take this opportunity to thank our fantastic staff who did an amazing job again. The students were also an absolute credit to us, so I have felt very proud again this week to be the headteacher of this fabulous school.

As I do regularly on a Friday afternoon, I will be meeting and having a drink with a small number of students later who are coming to see me to share some of their achievements. Most of the students this week are from Year 7 and it has been amazing to see how quickly they have grown up this year and how well they have settled in. They will not be the youngest Lipson students for much longer and I am confident that they will be fantastic role models to the new students who will be joining us in September.

I will also be meeting with Kelsey Blight and Millie Everson from Year 8. They both play for Signal Box Frankfort AFC and have gone through a whole season undefeated and are now known locally as 'the invincibles'. So many of our students do amazing things outside of school hours as well as when they are here with us and I always think that it is important to celebrate these achievements. Well done girls!

As we go into the weekend I hope everyone is able to have a well-earned rest for a couple of days. This time of year is always busy in school and as we have had to take on the responsibility this year for all the assessments and exams it has felt busier than ever. Thankfully, we have a brilliant team here who make my life easy so we have dealt with it on top of doing everything else.


Very best wishes,

Martin Brook, Headteacher