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Headteacher's Blog 27th September 2019

Having finished last week enjoying the fact that I had committed myself to being the Headteacher at Lipson on a permanent basis, I had about two hours on Monday morning in my new role before the peace was shattered with a phone call from Ofsted announcing their visit on Tuesday and Wednesday. There’s nothing like being thrown in to a new challenge!

We were thoroughly prepared though and it was impressive to see everyone go in to action and do all the things that we had talked about in preparation for the visit. It will be a few weeks before the report is produced and there is a certain amount of confidentiality around the process which has to be respected but what I am allowed to say is that I was delighted with the way that the inspection was carried out and the response from the students and the staff here was just amazing. I was very proud of the way that the whole school community pulled together and I think we were able to show off many of the aspects that make Lipson the place that it is. We do have to be realistic though and acknowledge that although Ofsted were made very aware of the journey that the school has been on in recent months, they will undoubtedly also tell us that we still need to improve further to be judged as the brilliant school that we are confident of becoming again in the very near future.

So, it is a huge thank you from me this week to our students, our staff, our parents and the wider community for all their efforts. We are definitely on the right track and I know that people are already talking about Lipson again in a very positive way. We have already improved the behaviour and attitudes of our students, we are working hard to improve our teaching across all areas and our results will reflect this. But maybe the most pleasing moment for me this week was being told that in response to the question, ‘What do you like about Lipson?’ one of our students told an Inspector that we are a school where people are being kind to each other again. If we can get that bit right I’m sure the rest will follow.

It’s back to business again now, back to doing the simple things really well and back to working really hard to continue to improve every aspect of the school. It’s been a great week overall but I hope I can get to Monday lunchtime next week without another phone call.

Have a great weekend.

Martin Brook, Headteacher