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Principal's Blog 6th September 2019

I would like to start by welcoming you all back from a lovely summer break as well as offering a heartfelt welcome to our new Year 7 students.  What a fantastic start to the new school year this has been.  Staff started the term with 2 training days, enabling a vast amount of background work to be achieved before the real job of working with our students began. 

There has been a real buzz about the place this week, with Year 7 settling in remarkably well and making good relationships with their peers, tutor and teachers.  We are looking forward to running the residential trip for them at the end of the month to further establish these lasting bonds.  The trip was a great success last year and I urge any students who are not yet signed up to attend to do so.

The whole school feels revitalised with a quickly changing pace to better the outcomes of our students and the wellbeing of staff.  The year group system is proving to be a great success with our new Heads of Year engaging in some healthy rivalry to be the best year group Lipson has!  Monday will see the introduction of our guided reading programme during tutor time.  We have invested a substantial amount of money to provide each child with a novel to read, alongside the rest of the tutor group, ensuring students are settled, engaged and ready to learn as they move to their lessons as well as having the opportunity to participate in the truly wonderful gift of reading. 

Behaviour around the school has greatly improved with the introduction of the new Respect for Lipson policy.  The whole school seems a far calmer place with significantly less challenge from students.  This is such an important aspect of school life; when students are focused, ready to learn and not disrupting lessons, the really important day job of focusing on teaching and learning can take place.

Our attentions have not only been on welcoming new Year 7 this week but we have focused our efforts on Year 11 from the very first day of term.  We brought them back to school a day earlier than other years to outline the importance of the year ahead and highlight the support and intervention we will be putting in place to make them the best Year 11 we have ever had.  With the driving force of Mr Mitchell and Mrs Ashton, we have very high expectations for this year group.  Each Year 11 student has been allocated a mentor to support them through this challenging year, who will give up their own time to work tirelessly on a one to one basis with the students to ensure they achieve the best outcome possible. 

We are busily preparing for our Open Evening on Thursday 12th September at 5.30pm.  This event will give us the opportunity to showcase the school at its very best for prospective students in Year 6.  We will also begin Monday morning tours from 16th September offering the chance to come and visit Lipson during a normal school day, we have so much good practice to show off.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and parents for starting this term with such enthusiasm and rigour, whilst engaging in all the exciting new initiatives we have launched to transform the school.  This really does feel like a brave new world and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to lead Lipson at such an exciting time.

Mr Brook, Principal