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Pupil Premium 2018 - 2019


Our Pupil Premium Ethos

At Lipson Co-operative Academy we pride ourselves on having the students at the heart of all we do. We are passionate and relentless in our pursuit to excellence – for ALL students; regardless of socio-economic background. As a school we do not confuse eligibility for Pupil Premium with low ability and we understand the importance of ensuring that day-to-day teaching meets the needs of each learner rather than relying on interventions to compensate for less than good teaching. This is where our intervention strategy comes alive – in the classroom; where our staff know and value every student and cater for their needs in their entirety. It does not start at Year 11 with after school extraction groups. Students are tracked and monitored to check whether progress is being made and whether our interventions are working – and then adjustments can be made accordingly.

The pupil premium guarantee ensures that we will continue to close the attainment gap and ensure that our students, whose parents or carers are on lower incomes, are not disadvantaged in any way.


Pupil Premium Guarantee

Our Guarantee for every qualifying student:

  • Guaranteed access to interventions such as mentoring, gifted and talented events and activities, assertive mentoring, motivational and careers-based opportunities such as visits to university as appropriate
  • Guaranteed access, where necessary, to 1:1 support or small group work for English and/or Maths to address any underperformance.
  • Guaranteed access to bespoke support where appropriate, including booster sessions in Key Stage 3 for English and Maths skills and support such as assertive mentoring, time management and study skills in Key Stage 4.
  • Guaranteed access to a careers’ adviser for advice and guidance in Key Stage 4
  • Guaranteed access to Summer School provision for students in Year 7 and Year 8 who are underperforming.
  • Guaranteed access to a range of cultural experiences including theatre performances, music tuition and dance classes to widen aspirations.


Our Commitment to every student:

Please be assured that although the Academy is investing in this provision, no student will be allowed to fall behind and not achieve their potential. All students are consistently tracked and if anyone is underperforming, they will also get the elements outlined above to improve their progress. The additional money provided by the Pupil Premium Grant allows the Academy to have extra capacity so that we can help to support even more students. 


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