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Summer School 23rd – 27th August 2021

In line with funding with many other schools across the country, this year we ran a Summer School, funded by the Department for Education.  This was to offer a blend of academic education and enrichment activities.  All of 205 our incoming Year 7 students were invited.  One average we had 135 students attend each day.

Students who participated in this, here at Lipson, had the opportunity to undertake 5 days of school-based activities which we designed to offer the best opportunity to successfully transition from their Primary school into Lipson.  We decided during our planning process that the use of our own staff was key to the success of the summer school in order to support the building of relationships prior to the start of term.

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Students were placed into their Year 7 tutor groups throughout the week to ensure they had the opportunity to make new friends from other Primary schools before starting with us in September.  Students were further supported durig this time by 6th form student leaders who were attached to a tutor group.  Each group registered in the morning in their tutor bases with their tutor and read the book Go Big by Matthew Burton. This book is written to support students with the transition into secondary school and gave students and staff the opportunity to discuss any concerns they had before starting at Lipson. 

There were numerous team building, problem solving and fun activities for students to participate in throughout the week to ensure students had to work in collaboration with each other, for example; Camp Craft, Trampolining, Archery, Football Golf, Frizbee Golf, Kurling, Trampolining, Orienteering, and Field Gun, to name just a few.

Students were also timetabled to participate in numerous subject taster sessions throughout the week such as Maths, English, Science, History, Languages, ICT, Design Technology, Art and Physical Education. During each of these sessions students met numerous staff and support staff who had an opportunity to start embedding our expectations and behaviour routines.

The week culminated in a celebration event where students and staff came together to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

This was the first time we have run a summer school for this number of students, made possible due to the pandemic largely meaning families had not gone away on holiday, and due to the additional funding.  Collectively our Year 7 students have made an excellent transition this year from Primary to us. Summer School was a significant contributing factor to this success. We are able to quantify this through the reduction in behaviour referrals compared to the previous Year 7 cohort and our high attendance in Year 7 compared to National data.

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We surveyed both students and parents in September to find out how they felt about our Summer School.

100% of parents responses indicated that the summer school had “supported their child to catch up on lost time in primary school (due to Covid) ready for year 7”

100% of our students said they had made new friends and that attending summer school “gave them more confidence ready for September”