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December 4th 2015

I have found using this little seating chart helps me enormously when it comes to getting students to work together co-operatively.

Resource: Seating Map


December 4th 2015

Last night during our induction session we focussed on a range of strategies to help support students with English as an additional language. Click on the link below for the accompanying Power-Point.


New staff - developing co-operative learning planning

Supporting students with EAL


December 7th 2015

During our faculty development time, we were discussing strategies to settle classes when they arrive on the hyperactive side.  My HoF said she'd found this really good video on YouTube from one of the "behaviour gurus".  It looks good, so I thought I'd share it.


This is the free handout to video 2.


December 4th 2015

Great article on the growth mindset.


December 3rd 2015

Given that our fortnightly focus this week is making progress visible, I tried this mini plenary activity with my Year 8 Spanish class. We are currently preparing for a speaking assessment and students had been completing a rally coach activity where partner A asked partner B a series of questions in Spanish on the assigned topics for the assessment. Partner A had to then respond without notes and partner B then helped to support them using information from their own notes. Once students had completed this activity. I asked every student to complete a self-reflection and to write down: What they were finding problematic and / or what was worrying them about the assessment. Students then openly shared and we helped each other to find some solutions or strategies. Once students shared a free app called Quizlet which allows her to make flashcards on her phone to help her learn key words or phrases. Students then responded to this new feedback and repeated the activity.


November 19th 2015

This is a session new staff attended - it guided them in how to use the fundamental co-operative principles to plan their own co-operative activities and structures.



November 26th 2015

Sec-Ed has this week run an NQT special with two fantastic article for all NQTs.  Please follow the links.