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Tutorial Programme (PHSE)


The tutorial programme is made up of a number of structured areas:
  • Assembly (once a fortnight)
  • Specialism (at least twice per week)
  • Student Voice/ Academic mentoring (usually weekly but personalised as needed)
  • SMSC (weekly)

With each Guild having its own identity students are able to develop Mastery of a specific area through their chosen Specialism. For at least 2 mornings per week students will engage in high quality specialism work. This could be anything from Science investigations to creating a piece of dance to perform, playing a sport as part of a team or playing in a band. This involvement and engagement in areas students are passionate about develop their skills as well as a sense of belonging.

Alongside the specialism and in order to meet our statutory SMSC requirements a number of activities are incorporated into  the tutorial programme.  Other elements of SMSC (alongside PHSE) will be covered in some subject areas such as Humanities, PE, English, Science and through assemblies.  The core subjects have also provided literacy and numeracy activities to complement the tutorial programme.

This programme of activities is designed to equip students with the skills and values that are required to live effectively and successfully in modern day Britain. 

Each week we have an SMSC theme that all students in all Guilds look at. Students work in their Co-operative Base Groups as well as a whole tutor group on a variety of tasks to develop their knowledge and understanding about a variety of issues. The chosen topic will form the basis of assemblies taken during the week.  Within the SMSC programme  there are certain events during the year that are always observed such as Remembrance/ Holocaust Memorial Day/festivals of light/UKYP and democracy, at times topics are selected as important for the Lipson community. The Principal and SLT will agree on what the focus should be and then the SMSC is written, by the Head of RS, accordingly. An example of this is asking students to think about Cooperative Values such as equity and equality when there have been issues that have highlighted a need for this. Heads of Guild make sure that the SMSC work is covered during morning tutorial time and so it becomes a whole school focus that supports the Cooperative ideology underpinning the entire curriculum.

The last half term Spring (2017) has included work on preparing for PPEs, selecting subjects to study at GCSE, Holocaust Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day and Internet Safety Day.