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Darren Hobbs

Darren Hobbs Co-opted Governor Appointed 25/02/2020
How are you connected with the Academy?  I have a number of close family and friends who have attended Lipson as students. When approached to become a governor I felt that my skill set coupled with my knowledge of Lipson would make me a good fit for the position.
How does you current or previous occupation support your work as a governor. I am a chartered accountant with 18 years experience across multiple business sectors.
Are you a link governor?  I am a link governor for finance. 
Please provide some information on what drives you to be a governor at Lipson. The opportunity to add value and provide financial expertise, assisting with the effective management of Lipson academy.
Are you a member of any professional body which may support your role as a governor? Yes, I am a Chartered Accountant