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Our Trust of Schools

Beyond the Curriculum

At Lipson Co-operative Academy, we believe that enrichment activities are extremely important and help to enrich the learning opportunities of our students. We therefore strive to offer as many opportunities as possible for our students and encourage your child to attend at least one activity regularly.

Enrichment activities have the power to develop the “whole” child in wider skills such as leadership and team work as well as improving confidence and self/esteem. Research has also shown that students who attend enrichment activities achieve better academically.

All of our enrichment activities will provide your child with the following skills and opportunities.

  • Challenge
  • Enjoyment
  • Exposure to new knowledge and ideas
  • Thinking in different or unusual ways
  • Risk-taking

Whether it's Sports, Performing Arts, Languages or Sewing, we offer something for every interest and our clubs are open to all.