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Extended Project is a wonderful new course we have introduced for students in Years 7-10. Students are specially selected for this course due to their academic prowess, positive attitude to learning and our belief in their potential. Due to the nature of the course, class sizes are small with only a maximum of only 25 students in each year group which allows us greater flexibility in really developing students’ critical response. 

Transition and building on KS2

The foundation for our course and selection process begins through our strong collaborative links with our Primary Partners. Opportunities such as Guest lectures are offered to students and their families at KS2 and further developed when they join us in Year 7.

A breakdown of our course can be found below

Year 7 is our foundation year

During this year students will study the nature of knowledge, perception and imagination. They will research and develop their knowledge of our literary heritage and complete a 1000 word internal assignment which demonstrates their critical response.

Year 8 is a fellowship year

During the year they will research, analyse and respond to the nature of language. In their first module, they will study child language acquisition and the organic nature of language. In module two they will consider the history of our language and language and how it empowers us in the modern world. On the completion of the year, they will complete a 3000 word internal assignment analysing Language and its importance.

Year 9 is our extended project year

During this year, students will study and complete a literary project on the topic of Crime through the Ages. This will a substantial piece of work of 5000 words and will be an internal project. However, successful students will have the opportunity to submit their assignment for the Level 3 Extended Project qualification which, is a nationally recognised qualification which, provides an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond the A-level syllabus, stand out and prepare for university or their future career & potentially gain UCAS points.

We appreciate that some students may not be ready at this stage to achieve this qualification so they will have the opportunity to gain the qualification in Year 10 or Year 12 instead.

Year 10 is a scholars programme

Students will study knowledge systems, critical thinking and literary theory. This will assist them in all their studies but particularly in GCSE Literature. Students will also participate in the Brilliant Club Scholarship programme which, is a Prestigious National programme which widens students’ access to Russel group Universities, providing them with the opportunity to complete Undergraduate level work. On completion of the assignment students will graduate in a Scholars graduation ceremony.

Year 11 is our aspire programme

Due to the nature of their examinations and the rigour of the year, students will follow our Aspire Programme which will involve a focus on study skills and their application alongside the provision of a number of lectures as part of our short course series to support examination success. Further to this they will also benefit from our Extended Academic Mentoring programme. 

Varsity and valedictorian programmes

Following our successful introduction of the programme this year, we will extend our provision in Sixth form with the establishment of our Varsity and Valedictorian Programmes which will focus on University & Next steps programmes, offering students a range of opportunities including the chance to complete their EPQ Level 3 project, a national recognised qualification which offers UCAS points.

Learning is sequential and all students experience a high-level challenging curriculum programme which is based on degree level courses.