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Enquiries about Results Policy and Procedures

Update September 2023

Information on GCSE Examination Procedures

Information on GCE Examination Procedures

Year 11 Exam Etiquette

Available here is our revision planner.

Please also consult our exam tips for parents.

Information Paper For Parents - GCSE Reforms 2018

Information Paper For Parents - GCSE Factsheet

If your child is ill on the day

Ring the college and ask to speak with Mrs Davis (Exams Officer). If she is unavailable, leave a message with Reception. Special consideration would not be applicable for students who have the opportunity to resit a unit or module at a later date. This is the policy of the exam board and not decided by the College

If your child has done paper 1 of an exam and is ill on the day of paper 2, then the board has a better picture of how your child will have performed and MAY award special consideration.

If your child is absent without any excuse (phone call from parent) then you will be charged for that exam.

If your child has broken any bones which may prevent them from writing, then please send them to the exams office and we will arrange for a scribe (someone to write for them) / word processor to be available for them.

Late arrivals

The exams will commence promptly and any late arrivals must report immediately to the exams office where a decision will be made whether they will be able to sit the exam. If you are over half an hour late after the exam has started then the exam boards have to be informed and your child’s work may not be accepted by the board.

If your child arrives after the exam has finished then they will not be able to sit the exam and will not be awarded any marks for this.

All pupils MUST wear the correct uniform for all their exams except Years 12, 13 and 14.

Controlled assessments are not timetabled and take place in the classroom therefore all requests for holidays/absences within term time should be avoided.

Exam dates

Full details will be on student individual Timetables which will be handed out before half term.

There are also controlled assessments taking place during months leading up to external exam dates and therefore holidays should not be planned prior to these dates and would need to be authorised.

Exam rules

The exam agreement outlines the need for equipment to be brought to each exam. Pens, calculators and maths sets will be provided for all examinations.

The following documents are from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)