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Personal Development and Enrichment Opportunities

We understand that the success of a student does not always just come down to academic outcomes. Students' personal development and the experiences they gain are just as important as the hard work they put into their studies. This is key to being a Lipson student. By the time students leave Lipson, we want them to be well-rounded individuals who are confident in applying the skills and experiences they have learnt into everyday life. We recognise that every student has their own individual pathway and we want to be able to offer something to every student that will support them on that journey, which is why our offer of personal development and enrichment opportunities is so vast. On the current curriculum students will have access to:

iStudy - All sixth form students are expected to undertake independent study as part of their A Level courses. We have a dedicated supervised area set aside for completion of independent study and homework. We place a great deal of importance on Independent study, with current research showing that this has a great impact on students outcomes.

Super Curriculum - All students can access the subject specific super curriculum. Written by curriculum leaders it allows students to take their passion for learning a subject beyond the curriculum.

Study Skills Tutor Program - All students access our specialist study skills program, which teaches students new skills on how to study.

Extended Project - Students can opt into taking Extended Project as an additional qualification. This is a well recognised Level 3 qualification and allows students to independently demonstrate the skills and knowledge that both universities employees demand from young adults. The qualification carries UCAS points and can sometimes carry a reduced offer from university. 

To support personal development and wellbeing all students have the opportunity to take part in the following:


Outreach Programmes in particular with Exeter and Oxford University

University Scholars schemes 

Discover Downing with Cambridge University.

Medic Mentors for Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry and Allied Healthcare students. 

Next Steps South West University Support

Seas Your Future

Age UK Volunteering

Devon Wednesday Football team

Work Placements

Reward/Wellbeing Events

Student Leadership