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School Day and Equipment

The School Day

Learning Equipment

Students need to be well prepared for the school day.  This means that every student needs to have a school bag and a pencil case with them each day.

Pencil Case

Contents will vary but all students should have the following items:

Essential: Ruler, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, protractor and compass.

Useful: Highlighter, colouring pencils and calculator


Our uniform supplier is Kitworld Ltd.

Please be aware that if you are visiting their shop you will have to follow the  procedures in place for social distancing and wait times might increase as a result.

Kitworld are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm every week, which gives plenty of time to purchase uniform ready for September. For Lipson students they are also opening on a Saturday morning, 9am-1pm.  

Kitworld have created an online shop for parents and carers who would prefer this method. Items can be delivered direct to your home (+ delivery fee) or collected in store. They cannot be delivered to the school.

Below is a summary of the uniform required for a new student joining in September, these items can be viewed by clicking this link - Lipson Uniform

  • Lipson Blazer
  • Lipson Tie
  • Blue shirt - short or long sleeve
  • Grey trousers / bespoke Lipson skirt 
  • PE kit - top, shorts/tracksuit bottoms, socks (various bundles available)

Plain grey trousers and blue shirts can be also purchased from supermarkets. However, if we could ask you to pause on purchasing trousers from supermarkets until we have communicated with you which styles/ranges are appropriate as we don’t want to cause unnecessary hassle of swapping and changing. 

School shoes have to be black and polishable, not canvas/suede or with bubbles in the sole. We have included images of what is and isn’t suitable for Lipson students in Year 7-11. 


Of course whenever you are uncertain about the suitability of any purchases or any questions to do with uniform please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist. In addition to this, keeping any receipts of purchases would be sensible if there are any problems around suitability according to our uniform policy.