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Our Trust of Schools

Train to Teach

At Lipson Co-operative Academy, we believe that every classroom should contain an excellent teacher. That way, we can fulfil our core purpose - the raising of student achievement as we prepare them for adult life.

Students need to leave us with the very best set of academic results of which they are capable but we also see achievement in its widest sense, which is why we put so much emphasis on areas such as sport, music and the performing arts, as well as trips and visits.

The welfare and well-being of Lipson Academy students and staff is crucial to our culture, at the heart of which are values such as democracy, self-help, equality and social responsibility - all of which very much influence our way of working.

We are an ambitious school and, rather than celebrate our many successes, we still strive to be even better.

If the above appeals to you, then you will be interested to know that we work in partnership with South West Teacher Training to provide opportunities to train to teach here at Lipson Academy.

That partnership sees us host trainees on School Direct courses and offer an experience that supplements the excellent programme at South West Teacher Training.

SWTT prides itself on training top quality teachers who:

  • put pupil progress at the heart of everything they do;
  • continuously develop themselves using the principles of deliberate practice; and
  • root their classroom practice in up-to-date and relevant research.

You can find all about SWTT here

Lipson Co-operative Academy is proud to be at the heart of its community in the Westcountry, which is a marvellous place to teach.

Nestled on the border of Devon and Cornwall, Lipson is a stone’s throw away from the centre of Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, with its stunning waterfront and natural harbour and its vibrant cultural life.

Located in one of the most beautiful locations imaginable, Plymouth is sandwiched between the incredible South West coastline and the wild beauty of Dartmoor National Park.

There is everything you would expect to find in a cool cultural city, and there are also hundreds of years of history to uncover, from Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada to the Mayflower sailing in 1620, to a city rebuilt following the Blitz during the second world war.

Why would you want to train anywhere else?

You can find out the length and breadth of what Lipson Co-operative Academy is all about by visiting our website,

In summary, we believe in valuing our people and putting them first. This starts with our students, but we also look after and cherish our amazing staff.

We place an emphasis on the quality of the relationships between staff and students and we believe that kindness should underpin everything that we do.

Trainees who come to Lipson will benefit from all this within the SWTT programme plan, which includes teaching experience alongside regular General Professional Studies Training, intensive Subject Professional Studies tutoring, and a variety of other experiences, such as:

  • an initial induction week;
  • a placement in a local primary school;
  • a visit to a Special School;
  • Post-16 experience;
  • ongoing lesson observation and feedback;
  • individual and small group training from SWTT Course Tutors;
  • collaborative and team teaching with experienced staff;
  • whole group/class teaching experience;
  • regular individual support and guidance from a designated mentor;
  • regular General Professional Studies sessions;
  • regular Subject Professional Studies sessions;
  • study periods for research and reflection;
  • subject specialism KS3 and 4 self-audit against the National Curriculum requirements;
  • involvement in school departmental meetings, pastoral work, parental consultations, staff meetings, extra-curricular activities;
  • teacher training experience in at least two contrasting schools;
  • preparation for first teaching post;
  • ability to observe and work alongside outstanding practitioners; and
  • assessment against the Teaching Standards.

For more information, please contact Sophie Borbon