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Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) is the perfect vehicle through which to develop crucial skills, attitude and knowledge required for an ever changing modern world. At Lipson we use a wide range of sports and activities as a medium for students to develop their Heart, Head and Hands. Something which PE is uniquely positioned to do. Students will be supported throughout to lead, to compete, to develop socially and emotionally. Ultimately encouraging lifelong participation in Physical Activity.

Lipson PE are an extraordinarily experienced department and provide a working model for students on how effective teams can succeed. All members of the Lipson PE team are experienced in all areas of the PE curriculum and continue to demonstrate the positive attitudes we aim to instill in all of our students. We have created a department which students are proud to be a part of. Whether they form a team during lessons, in Sports Studies, Level 3 Cambridge Technical or part of our highly successful sporting teams; students will thrive in an environment which maximises participation and develops excellence.

We are dedicated to developing competent students to excel in a broad range of physical activities. Students will leave Lipson having gained the confidence and self-motivation to engage in lifelong participation in physical activity. We offer a synoptic curriculum where sports and activities become the vehicle to develop students within the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domain. Learning is sequential during KS3 where students experience a holistic overview of activities to promote enjoyment and development of key transferable skills and concepts. We aim to instill students with the desire to continue along the Physical Education pathway provided for them.

Our Curriculum Learning Pathway

Physical Education Curriculum Pathway (PDF)

Meet the Team

  • Ed Goodman - Head of PE
  • Struan Mitchell - PE teacher and Head of Year 11
  • Katy Geraghty - PE teacher and Head of Year 8
  • Craig Swiggs - PE teacher and Head of Year 7
  • Kevin Mee - PE teacher and Deputy Head of Sixth Form
  • Tom Goodman - PE teacher and Deputy Headteacher
  • Sarah Law - PE teacher and Primary lead
  • Beckie Garland - PE teacher and Cover Supervisor
  • Kate McPherson - PE teacher and lead teacher for Citizenship and SMSC
  • Alicia Price - Teacher of Dance

Transition and building on KS2

As a department we pride ourselves in our outstanding levels of collaboration with our local feeder schools. Mrs Law leads on the delivery of weekly lessons and CPD opportunities in addition to hosting numerous sporting festivals for our feeder primary schools throughout the year. Using our Sports Leaders in these festivals provides KS2 students a frame of reference for a successful values-based Lipson Cooperative Academy student. This ensures KS2 students are eager and excited to join Lipson PE, as well as allowing us to identify any gaps in their development so we can adapt our curriculum accordingly.


What do our students learn?

Ultimately students will gain the knowledge and understanding of the importance of leading healthy, active lives as well as the knowhow to do so. They learn the benefits of participating in physical activity. By the end of the programme students will have gained the competence and the confidence in a range of sports and activities enabling students to lead a physically literate, healthy active lifestyle for their entire life.

In KS3 we offer an inclusive curriculum to develop competence in a broad range of physical activities, ensuring students have regular sustained periods of physical activity. The opportunities for learning we provide are:

  • A focus on ensuring all students understand the benefits of leading healthy active lifestyles and leave Lipson as habitual movers.
  • Develop a knowledge and application of transferable tactics/strategies and concepts in a range of sports and activities in direct competition both as part of a team and individually.
  • Develop and improve their own and others technique and performance in a range of activities.
  • Intellectual and physical challenges are presented to students throughout KS3 aiming to develop cooperative and lifelong skills.
  • Develop their composing, performing and appreciating skills.
  • In Year 8 and 9 students can then opt in to join the dance academy and further develop their choreographic and performance skills in varied styles of dance across the year.
  • Students are assessed throughout KS3 and KS4 on their mastery of learning (ME) in the three learning domains using a broad and balanced curriculum.

The range of sports and physical activities that are the vehicle to providing these opportunities are:

  • Health related exercise - use of fitness equipment and exploring methods of training and our bodies response to physical activity.
  • A wide range of invasion games including football, rugby, netball, handball, basketball.
  • Net and wall games such as table-tennis, badminton, volleyball.
  • Problem solving and outdoor activities such as orienteering.
  • Dance and Gymnastics for all students.
  • In the summer term, greater emphasis is placed on developing their own and others' technique in addition to improving upon personal bests in athletics.
  • Skills/techniques and concepts used in tennis.
  • Tactics/strategies and skills/techniques in striking and fielding games such as cricket, rounders and softball.

What examination courses do we follow?

The concept of language for learning is embedded in all activities in KS3. The introduction of OCR Sports Studies specification terminology and concepts prepares our students for the OCR Level 2 Qualification. Students who have particularly enjoyed the leadership elements of Years 7 and 8 and would like to develop these skills further are invited to join our Sports Leadership programme which forms an additional course for them to engage with in Year 9.

Sport Students in KS4 undertake 4 units of study in OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies. The course on offer allows a high level of practical application of theoretical sports knowledge throughout the key stage, including Outdoor Adventurous Activities, Developing Sports Skills and Sports Leadership. Students will sit the mandatory exam in Contemporary Issues in Sport.

  • KS4- Completing 4 units across 2 years: (Subject to change - 2022)*
  • R051: Contemporary issues in sport
  • R052: Developing sports skills
  • R053: Sports leadership
  • R056: Outdoor Activities

Our students finish KS4 and have the desire to continue their sports learning journey at our Sixth Form in a way that opens up ample examples of career pathways and progressions.

The extremely popular Level 3 Cambridge Technical in Sport and Physical Activity is intended as an Applied General qualification, equivalent in size to one, two or three A Levels. It is a two-year, full-time course that meets entry requirements in its own right for learners who want to progress to higher education courses in sport before entering employment.

  • Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate (360 GLH)
  • Diploma (720 GLH)
  • Extended Diploma (1080 GLH)

PE Academies

At Lipson gifted sports students are guided in their journey to become elite performers. Joining the Lipson Sports Academies in Year 7, talented sporting students will develop through professional standard coaching as well as regular high-level competition. The Sport Academy will provide regular sporting opportunities external to the curriculum, in addition to providing expert instruction into the underpinning mechanisms which ignite elite sporting performance.

The Leadership Academy runs from Year 9 through to 13 and provides students with coaching and leadership courses which develops student’s confidence and behaviour, as well as enhancing students career prospects. Students will regularly help organise and lead sporting events across the city.

Along with the sports and leadership academies the dance academy provides students with the chances to learn and work with groups of students to develop their performance skills in dance.

How do we enrich our students outside of the classroom?

Lipson students have vast enrichment opportunities in PE outside of the classroom.

  • Throughout the day they are provided with opportunities to use PE facilities and equipment under supervision at lunchtimes.
  • We have a huge range of clubs both recreational and competitive for students to join external to the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to represent our successful Lipson Cooperative teams at regional competitions across a large number of sports.
  • Students have the opportunity to enroll in the Lipson Leadership Academy and will organise and lead sessions for Primary schools across the city.
  • Students have the opportunity to enroll in the Lipson Dance Academy and will perform their own choreographed performances to audiences.
  • Every year students will be invited to attend a sports presentation evening to celebrate individual and team successes during the year.
  • Year 7 students are encouraged to engage with the ‘Bikeability’ programme which runs external to the curriculum. Students not only gain road awareness and bike riding skills; they also gain the confidence and competence to engage in a physical activity for life.
  • KS4 sport students will experience regular trips to develop their understanding of Outdoor Activities including: orienteering and mountain biking at Saltram National Trust, rock climbing (both indoor and outdoor) and archery.
  • As a department we also offer enrichment opportunities in the form of trips – regularly taking students to see elite sporting performance including International and local professional sporting events.
  • Students are also provided outdoor residential opportunities in the form of trips to Dartmoor National Park aiming to develop problem solving and team building skills during the Year 7 transition.
  • In addition students can access International Skiing trips which help to develop cultural experiences as well develop lifelong skills and memories.


Students are assessed formatively during lessons looking at development of learning in all three learning domains - Psychomotor, Cognitive and Affective.

The assessment of student development in PE is in a mastery-oriented climate where skills, knowledge and attitudes can be transferred across activities sequentially throughout the key stage using the various ME’s in PE:

  • Competitive ME
  • Healthy ME
  • Social ME
  • Leadership ME
  • Theory ME
  • Expressive ME

The ME’s are used to provide students with a visual way to see that not only will their skills, techniques and tactics from sports be assessed but other areas of themselves to develop in all three learning domains. The ME approach used with the three learning domains as the underpinning cornerstones allows the teacher to see the development of the whole student. The rationale for this is that in PE the learning domains are continuously interlinking and influencing one another.


Please follow this link for our full sports extra curricular activities.